Sanitary Return Pump (Self-Priming Pump) YUY-H

Sanitary Return Pump (Self-Priming Pump) YUY-H

1450r/min 90° Universal inlet and outlet
Sanitary Return Pump (Self-Priming Pump) YUY-H

Self-Priming Pump Sanitary CIP pump are specially designed for pumping materials which containing air or gas, and it can be also be used for negative suction with prior priming as well as with filtration equipment.  Self-Priming Pump can be used for food processing,wine, fine oil, syrups, volatile products such as alcohol, acetone and other solvents, or other materials which temperature close to boiling point. However, the mainly using field of Self-Priming Pump is for CIP returning.


Technical parameter


The self-priming pump is mainly used to convey materials that contain gas. Therefore, it is widely

applied to suck materials in various applications where the liquid level is unstable, or even the

liquid level is lower than the pump inlet,or used as a return pump in the CIP system.

Specification 5T-80T, 2.2KW-15KW 


(In the selection of material, all parts that contact the materials such as pump body,

pump cover and impeller are made of SUS3l6L stainless steel.)

The liquid passing seal is made of EPDM. 

Standard DIN,SMS
Impeller Shutter impeller
Shaft Seal

The static ring of mechanical seal is composed of SUS316L steel with graphite

and the dynamic ring is made of silicon carbide.

Surface Treatment

The liquid receiving part is subject to polishing treatment and other

parts matte or sandblasting treatment

The biggest inlet pressure 0.5MPa 
Temperature range -10℃-120℃ (EPDM)


1、Depending on the configuration, the pump mainly adopts ''ABB'' brand high-efficiency M2BAX three-phase AC motor. The pump is designed and manufactured according to IEC60034.IE60072, conforming to CE marking requirements.
2、The explosion-proof motor is available to meet the needs in different applications.
3、With excellent electric performance, low noise and low vibration, the motor is designed to have standard protection grade of IP55 and insulation grade of grade F.
4、Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
5、Working mode: continuous (SI)
6、Rotation speed: The standard rotation speed of the pump is 1450r/min.

Model descriptions of YUY sanitary return pump

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