Brief introduction about YU-H sanitary pump

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YU-H sanitary pump is designed after digesting the advantages of similar foreign products, surveying and improving it, with compact and reasonable structure and precise manufacturing. This pump is superior to centrifugal pumps in that it can suck liquids mixed with air or foam, even when only air is used, it can still suck by itself. The pump is a positive displacement pump.

The YU-H sanitary pump is based on the configuration mainly adopts the "ABB" brand high-efficiency grade M2BAX three-phase AC motor, designed and manufactured in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC60034, IE60072 standards, and meets the European Community CE marking requirements. Explosion-proof motors are available to meet the needs of different occasions. Excellent electrical performance, low noise, low vibration, the standard design protection grade of the motor is IP55, and the insulation grade is F grade. The operating frequency of the machine is 50Hz/60Hz. The speed per minute is 1450r. 

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