Measures to solve the problem of sanitary pump cut-off

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The sanitary pump has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient maintenance and low price, and has been widely used in brewing factories as fluid conveying equipment. However, in actual use, the pump must be placed at a lower position than the fluid being pumped, so that the impeller of the pump is not fully filled with fluid. Otherwise, water will need to be injected into the pilot 7 the previous time or multiple times, and air will enter into the pump after it is stopped. If the flow is interrupted during the second startup, the pilot water needs to be injected again, which brings a lot of trouble to the actual operation. Most of the equipment used in breweries, such as the oil drop tank, the vinegar pool, and the salt bath, are below ground level. This is the Achilles heel in the use of centrifugal pumps. Therefore, this question has become the most popular centrifugal pump in breweries. Generally asked. Solving this problem has become a top priority for water pump users.

2 Measures to solve the problems In response to the above-mentioned problems, there are ways to solve the problems.

It is to change other types of pumps. The advantage is that it is simple and labor-saving; the disadvantage is that it will increase the cost of equipment. The original water pump is idle and wasted. The new pump needs to reconsider the connection position. Poor configuration will also extend the fluid delivery time.

On the outside of the equipment, dig a tunnel and put the centrifugal pump into the tunnel to connect it with the container containing the fluid. The fluid naturally enters the impeller chamber due to atmospheric pressure. The container containing the fluid is always maintained. Full water level, no need to inject diversion water, every 1. flow; 2 tunnel 3. motor 4. centrifugal pump 5. water tank inlet 6 water, water outlet 7. Pl wheel chamber, it is for the weak point of centrifugal water pump 1. Configure a small water storage tank to connect with the water pump 2. The small water storage tank is filled with water diversion before the first water pump is started, and there is no need to inject water diversion after starting. The impeller chamber will be filled with fluid by itself due to the action of siphon and atmospheric pressure, and it can be delivered every time it is started. The shape of the water storage metal can be made into a hexahedron or a cylindrical shape, but no matter what kind of water tank is used, the volume of the fluid must be measured from the water inlet to the water absorption 1. When the water tank is When the fluid is sucked and pumped up, due to the action of human air pressure, the fluid source outside the water absorption + interruption to compensate the water inlet tank, without causing the phenomenon of interruption. The water bag stops the fluid that has not been pumped in the water tank and the water is pumped out. The fluid in the connecting pipe outside the nozzle returns to the water tank due to siphoning, so that a certain amount of liquid is always kept in the water tank, so that the problem can be solved satisfactorily.

Regarding the calculation of the actual volume of the water storage tank, the calculation of the hexahedron is easier, because it is easy to accumulate water and rust on the outside of the tank, so I won’t repeat it here. The amount of landscape. It is recommended that the solution to the problem of lying 5 interruption: 1. Fluid squeeze 2. Motor 3. Water accumulation 4. Impeller chamber 5. Water inlet 16 Water outlet 7. Bian water funnel storage tank The actual water volume of the storage tank is calculated as follows: The radius of the water storage tank The length of the reed body is 1. Assuming that the bamboo diameter between the water absorption 1 and the water storage reed is connected by a 2-inch pipe 05, the pipe length is 4240, 〃2, the volume of the water pipe is 320 volumes, and the actual water volume of the storage tank is the water reed. The volume ratio of the pipe diameter of the water inlet 1 tun suction port is 3, and the coordinate system is established with the circle and the point as the coordinate origin. The rolling square, the force is simplified = the surface of the shaded part in J2iy is ±, which is a waste of material, and at the same time it is unnecessary, too small to be of no use.

3 Effect evaluation When using a centrifugal water pump to transport fluid below ground level. A water storage tank was connected to the water inlet of the water pump, which successfully solved the problem of water interruption caused by the shutdown of the water pump.

The production of water storage reeds is simple and easy. A brewery with repair capabilities can generally make it. From the actual use, the water reed is made into a round and simple shape. Horizontal placement is ideal. Its characteristics are enough to not affect the pumping capacity from water rusting and +. It is also conducive to cleaning the venue.

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