The Development History Of Negative Pressure Pump

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Sanitary Negative Pressure Pump is a pump capable of generating a negative pressure environment and can be used in various industrial and medical fields. The following is the development history of negative pressure pumps:

Late 19th century: The concept of negative pressure pump first appeared in the late 19th century. At that time, people began to study how to create a vacuum environment below atmospheric pressure to meet experimental needs. The earliest negative pressure pump was based on the principle of a steam engine and a piston, and generated negative pressure by gradually pumping air.

1920s: In the 1920s, negative pressure pump design and technology improved significantly. First, electric motors were introduced as the power source for pumps, replacing steam engines. In addition, the centrifugal structure and multi-stage air extraction technology are adopted to improve the air extraction efficiency.

1950s: With the advancement of science and technology, the design and materials of negative pressure pumps began to be optimized. New friction reduction and sealing technology is used to improve pump performance and reliability. In addition, new materials such as stainless steel and plastic were introduced to improve the corrosion resistance of the pump.

1970s to present: In the past few decades, negative pressure pumps have developed even more rapidly. With the application of electronic technology, electronic control systems began to be used in negative pressure pumps, realizing automated operation and precise control. At the same time, the structure and performance of the pump have been further improved to adapt to different application fields.

In recent years: With the rise of green and energy-saving concepts, the design and technology of negative pressure pumps have also developed in the direction of high efficiency and energy saving. Some manufacturers have begun to develop negative pressure pumps using new electric motors and variable frequency speed regulation technology to achieve higher energy utilization.

In general, the development history of negative pressure pumps has experienced changes from simple principles to complex structures, and from low efficiency to high efficiency. With the advancement of science and technology and the expansion of application fields, negative pressure pumps will continue to develop and adapt to new technologies and market needs.

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