The new power of the new centrifugal pump

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Modern society is a society that emphasizes efficiency and benefit. The industrial industry pays more attention to the development of new technologies to improve the efficiency of industrial machinery.

In general, there are many factors that can cause health pump reduce the efficiency of, for example, health centrifugal pump operating conditions below the nominal operating conditions of the pump, pump efficiency is low, high energy consumption; or motor efficiency in the use remained basically unchanged change. And hydraulic loss includes hydraulic friction and local resistance loss.

Compared with the mechanical centrifugal pump , the new-type sanitary negative pressure pump has greatly improved working efficiency. It broadens the scope of application of hydraulic systems, making the hydraulic system more efficient, flexible, high-power, and low-cost advantages. After the application, it will bring huge economic and social benefits to the enterprise. Compared with imported similar products, lower finished products are the main factor in its occupation of the market. Centrifugal pump is a general mechanical product with large consumption and wide application. The market demand for this product accounts for about 80% of the total demand for pump products. Therefore, the energy saving and consumption reduction of the centrifugal pump is of great significance.

Usually the method to reduce the energy consumption of centrifugal pumps is mainly the application of frequency conversion energy-saving technology. Strictly follow the operating rules of centrifugal pumps. Before starting the pump, you must start the disc pump, open the inlet valve, close the outlet valve, perform exhaust and vent, and check the inlet of the pump. Whether the pressure meets the requirements. Prevent cavitation of the pump caused by low supply pressure and insufficient flow. Or check the pump efficiency of the centrifugal pump regularly, and find the cause in time for the pump group with low pump efficiency and take corresponding measures to solve it.

And now it has undergone restructuring of a new type of centrifugal pump. The new type of centrifugal pump has a large flow, high discharge pressure, wide performance, high efficiency, long life, and high reliability. High efficiency and large flow water injection pump equipment. This product replaces the traditional operation efficiency. Low centrifugal pump water injection equipment has important practical significance for reducing oil production costs in oil fields.

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