What are the water filling methods for sanitary pumps?

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■Self-diversion sanitary pump water filling method: For a semi-submerged pump house (that is, a pumping station whose inlet pipe and pump top are all below the water surface of the inlet pool), water can be introduced into the pump by itself without manual irrigation. The disadvantage of this kind of pumping station is that it does not make full use of the pump's water absorption capacity, and the installation height of the pump is reduced, which not only increases the amount of foundation excavation, but also has less convenient operation and management; but the advantages are also obvious, that is, it is easy to realize the pumping station. Automation and timeliness is strong.

■Self-suspension diversion sanitary pump water filling method: The self-suspension diversion water-filling method uses the difference in bulk density of water and air, and is realized through the principle of "water-air replacement". This method can remove the bottom valve of the water pump.

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