When Draining The Basement, How To Choose A Sewage Lift Pump With A Long Service Life

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First of all, when choosing Sanitary Centrifugal Pump, you must focus on the quality of the product. A good brand can ensure that the product has stable quality, excellent materials and advanced technology. However, the products of some small manufacturers are often of uneven quality, and their service life and reliability are not as good as those of big brands. The domestic Zhiliu sewage lifting pump has an excellent reputation and has made achievements in various water supply and drainage fields such as home and business.

Secondly, when choosing a sewage lifting pump, you must choose the right model and specifications. This is the most basic principle and the primary factor in extending the life of the sewage lifting pump. The drainage network and water pressure conditions in different regions are different, so different models and specifications need to be selected to ensure the drainage effect and service life. If you are not sure, you can find a professional or manufacturer for consultation.

The third point to pay attention to is the maintenance and maintenance during installation and use. Before installation, you must ensure that the drainage pipe is unobstructed to prevent debris from entering the machine and causing damage. During use, regular inspection and maintenance are also very important. For example, you can regularly clean the pump body, replace seals, check whether each component is in normal working condition, etc.

Zhiliu's sewage lifting pump is very trouble-free in this regard. It is equipped with an automatic backwashing device that can automatically and regularly clean the inside of the box. Whether it is kitchen grease or other debris, it will be flushed away by high pressure and will not have the chance to remain in the machine. This ensures the healthy working conditions of the machine and naturally helps to extend the service life of the machine.

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