You Must Know These Knowledge Points About Pumps

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CIP Return Pump, is a machine used to transport liquids or pressurize liquids.

The earliest pump was used to supply water, and it was invented by us Chinese:

Of course, many people do not call it a pump, but a "water windmill".

Later, around 300 BC, Archimedes invented a pump called the "Archimedes screw pump", which is still produced by manufacturers today. This looks very similar to a modern pump, except that the handle in the picture has been replaced with an electric one.

The working principle is: the liquid rotates with the impeller, and moves toward the outer edge along the channel between the blades under the action of centrifugal force, increasing the speed and mechanical energy. The liquid leaves the impeller and enters the volute, the volute flow channel gradually expands, the fluid speed slows down, the liquid kinetic energy is converted into static pressure energy, the pressure continues to increase, and finally flows out of the volute tangentially through the duct and is discharged:

The open impeller has no front disc and rear disc but only blades, and is mostly used to transport liquids containing impurities. For example, the impeller of a sewage pump uses an open impeller.
The semi-open impeller only has a rear disc.
The closed impeller has both a front disc and a rear disc. The impellers of clean water pumps are all closed impellers.

The impeller should have sufficient strength and rigidity, the shape of the flow channel should conform to the flow law of the liquid, and the surface roughness of the flow channel should be small; the material should have good wear resistance; the structure should be simple and the manufacturing process should be good. The impeller of a centrifugal pump is generally a backward blade type, which is made by casting.

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