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Zhejiang Yuanya Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Binhai Park. It is one of the few domestic manufacturers that produce high-precision fluid equipment. The company pays attention to international cooperation, introduces international advanced processing equipment, and specializes in the production of sanitary pumps , sanitary valves, pneumatic reversing valves, sanitary pipe fittings, pipeline links and other products. Products are manufactured according to the technical parameters provided by customers and industrial standards such as ISO, IDF, DIN and 3A. All technologies have reached the leading level in the same industry and comply with the requirements of GMP Pharmacopoeia.

Yuanen has two subsidiaries, Shanghai Yueyi Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Yuanya Pump Industry Co., Ltd. There are four major business divisions under it, Shanghai Yueyi: Sanitary Pipe Fittings, Sanitary Valve Division; Wenzhou Yuanen consists of Sanitary Pumps, Sanitary Steel Pipe Division. Products are widely used in dairy products, beer, food, pharmaceuticals, beverages, cosmetics and chemical industries.

The company firmly believes that "users are the best inspectors for our products, and the market is the most impartial referee for the enterprise; promises come from the sincerity of the soul, and fulfill you and me." Zhejiang Yuanya Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is full of enthusiasm and sincerity And progress treats every cooperation with you. And sincerely awaits you!

With high-quality products, preferential prices, and satisfactory services, the company wholeheartedly welcomes the cooperation of friends at home and abroad to create brilliant!

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