Sanitary Emulsifying Pump YUY-R

Sanitary Emulsifying Pump YUY-R

Sanitary Emulsifying Pump YUY-R

Product introduce

Santiary Pipeline high speed shearing emulsifier is of functional to smash, to refine and to mix/disperse and to emulsify the suspensions, aerosols and emulsions, efficiently, quickly and evenly.

YUY-R series In - Line high shear homogeneous pump is used in online sustained or cyclic processing elaborate materials in the narrow chamber, it is with 1 - 3 groups of coupling double rotators and stators The materials are sheared by the equal probability when through the work chamber and the granule size reduced. upgrade the effect. On - line eliminating the quantity difference between different batches, make sue the constant quality. Stator and rotator module combination make it suitable for different operating condition requirement Online measur - ement of mixing design makes the intensive production come true it has short distance low - lift transport function.

Pipeline type single - stage emulsion pump is efficient, rapid, uniform to a phase or multiple phases (liquid, solid, gas) into another immiscible continuous phase (usually  liquid) process equipment, But in typically each phase is immiscible. When the external energy input, a two material reorganization to become homogeneous. Pipeline type single -stage emulsion pump with high speed rotation of the rotor generated by high tangential velocity and high frequency mechanical effect brought about by strong momentum, so that materials in the stator rotor, narrow gap by the strong mechanical and hydraulic shear, centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction, collisions and turbulence integrated action, forming a suspension (solid / emulsion (liquid), liquid / liquid)and foam (gas /liquid). Horizontal pipeline type single - stage emulsion pump so that the insoluble solid phase, liquid Phase, gas rase in the corresponding ripe technology and proper amount of additive joint action falls, Instant fine dispersed emulsion, emulsion pump through frequency move in circles, finally get a stable high-quality products.

YUY-R series is a single-stage multi-layer and three-stage multi-layer sanitary shear homogeneous emulsification pump specially designed by our company for customers.

The high tangential speed generated by the high-speed rotation of the rotor and the strong kinetic energy brought by the high-frequency mechanical effect make the material flow in the narrow space between the stator and the rotor.

The gap is subjected to comprehensive effects such as strong mechanical and hydraulic shearing, centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction, collision tearing and turbulent flow.

Instantly fully and effectively mix and homogeneously emulsify multi-phase (solid, liquid, gas) media.

The mainstream design of the stator-rotor structure is the stator-rotor mesh type and the blade mesh type. The cutting head can be set as single circle or multiple ring, single-stage or multi-stage, and various stators and rotors can be easily disassembled and combined according to needs to obtain optimized Dispersion and mixing effects.

Double-layer stator and rotor meshing type Multi-layer stator and rotor meshing type Single-layer blade mesh type

Model meaning

Technical Parameters


1. The above installation dimensions are for reference only.

2. The processing capacity in the table refers to the data measured when the medium is water.

3. If the medium has viscosity or solid content, high temperature, high pressure, flammable, explosive, corrosion, etc., please provide detailed data.

Technical Parameters