How to repair the shaft of a magnetic pump

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Sanitary pumps are a common and widely used pump product.The steel used for the bearings of sanitary centrifugal pumps is high-carbon chromium bearing steel, because high-quality bearing steel is smelted through vacuum deoxidation, electromagnetic stirring, and has less oxide content. It can withstand large contact compressive stress and high variable tensile stress at the same time. After heat treatment, the hardness of the shaft raceway is 58-62HRC.

If the shaft of the sanitary negative pressure pump has cracks or heavy abrasion on the surface, it will affect the strength of the centrifugal pump shaft should be replaced with a new shaft. If the pump shaft is slightly bent or worn, hooks, etc., it should be repaired. So, what are the repair methods of the magnetic pump shaft?

1. Magnetic drive pump journal hook and repair after wear

Pump shaft journals using sliding bearings, due to poor lubrication or the lubricating oil with iron filings, sand particles, etc., the pump shaft journal is scratched or ground groove marks, and the journal wear at the rubber guide bearing is generally plated. , Copper-plated, stainless steel-plated for repair, and then processed into a standard diameter by turning or grinding.

2. Repair of the bend of the magnetic pump shaft

For pump shafts with small diameters, copper sheets can be placed on the bends and straightened by hammering them; for pump shafts with large diameters and not severely bends, they can be straightened with a screw corrector.

3. Repair of magnetic pump keyway

If the surface of the keyway is rough and the damage is not serious, it can be trimmed with a file. If the damage is serious, the old groove can be welded to repair it, and a new groove can be opened elsewhere, but the pump shaft with larger transmission power must be replaced with a new shaft.

4. Repair of magnetic pump shaft thread

When the thread damage at the end of the pump shaft is light, you can use the assorted file to repair the damaged thread file and continue using it. If the damage is serious, turn the pump shaft end down first, then press a bushing, and then thread the bushing; you can also use electric or gas welding to build up the thread at the pump shaft end, and then turn the thread.

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