How to solve the problem of low water output after starting the industrial corrosion-resistant self-priming pump

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When we are unwell, it will affect the progress of our work. Although the industrial corrosion-resistant self-priming sanitary pump is a machine, like us, if there is a problem, it will also affect its operation and efficiency. Today we will take a look at why the industrial corrosion-resistant self-priming sanitary centrifugal pump has a small amount of water after it is started, hoping to help people in need.

1. The suction pipe is not tight and the air enters, and the water shows white bubbles.  
Elimination method: check the suction pipe and plug the leak
. 2. The direction of rotation of the pump is incorrect.  
Elimination method: change the motor power supply wiring and exchange any two of the three wires. start up.
3. The valve opening is not enough.   
Solution: Check the valve switch position, and open the valve after finding out the cause.
4. The speed of the water pump is not enough.   
Elimination method: check whether the power supply voltage is too low; increase the speed of the sanitary negative pressure pump for speed regulation and increase the discharge head.
5. Insufficient pump head   
troubleshooting method: replace the pump with a higher head.
6. Flow meter   
troubleshooting method: re-calibrate the flow rate or repair or replace.
7. The suction pipe or the impeller flow passage has foreign matter blockage. The   
elimination method: After the other possible causes are judged and eliminated, the machine can be shut down for disassembly inspection.

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