Why are plastic self-priming centrifugal pumps always broken

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1. The plastic self-priming sanitary pump needs to be disassembled and cleaned regularly.

Due to the internal rotation direction of the plastic self-priming sanitary centrifugal pump and the nature of impurities, a small part of it will remain in the pump, and impurities are likely to be trapped between the turbine chamber and the rotor stator. These dirt will reduce the water flow of the pump, increase the working temperature, and increase the noise.

Therefore, it is recommended to clean the plastic self-priming sanitary negative pressure pump once a month , open the protective cover, remove the turbine, rotor and shaft, thoroughly clean the inside, and clean the surface or dead corners with a waste toothbrush.

2. When installing the plastic self-priming centrifugal pump, do not place it too close to sand.

Some people like to install the plastic self-priming centrifugal pump close to the bottom. They think that the dirt will be pumped completely, but it is meaningless. As long as the pump is circulating, the dirt will be pumped into the filter along with the water flow. .

Also, do not let the plastic self-priming centrifugal pump outlet face too close obstacles, do not deliberately block the water outlet or half, these practices will shorten the service life of the plastic self-priming centrifugal pump.

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