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product description

1.YUY-L sanitary centrifugal pump

YUY-L sanitary centrifugal pump

Technical Parameters:

specification  1T-500T,0.55KW-75KW
Material SUS304,SUS316L
standard DIN, SMS
impeller Open impeller, leaving no sanitary corners
Working conditions The sanitary centrifugal pump is of high and low liquid level and horizontal conveying, non-self-priming type. (Self-priming pump is used for self-priming type)
Surface treatment The wetted part is polished, the rest is matt or sandblasted
Maximum inlet pressure 0.5MPa
temperature range -10°C to 140°C (EPDM)
Flushable mechanical seal Water pressure: up to 0.1MPa
  Water volume: 0.25-0.5L/min


  1. According to the configuration, it mainly adopts the high-efficiency grade M2BAX three-phase AC motor of the "ABB" brand, and is designed and manufactured in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC6OO34.IE60072 standard, which meets the CE marking requirements of the European Community
  2. Explosion-proof motors are available to meet the needs of different occasions.
  3. Excellent electrical performance, low noise, low vibration, the standard design protection grade of the motor is IP55, and the insulation grade is F grade.
  4. Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  5. Working mode: continuous (SI)
  6. Speed: The speed of the standard pump is 2900r/min

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