The Main Features Of The Dynamic Pump Are

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  1. The head generated by a certain Sanitary Rotary Lobe Pump at a certain speed has a limited value. The working point flow rate and shaft power depend on the conditions of the device system connected to the pump (position difference, pressure difference and pipeline loss). The head changes with the flow rate.
  2. Stable operation, continuous delivery, and no pulsation in flow rate and pressure.
  3. Generally, there is no self-priming ability, and the pump needs to be filled with liquid or the pipeline needs to be evacuated before it can start working.
  4. The centrifugal pump is started with the discharge pipeline valve closed, and the vortex pump and axial flow pump are started with the valve fully open to reduce the starting power.
  5. The centrifugal pump is suitable for direct drive with high-speed motors and steam turbines, with a simple structure, low manufacturing cost and easy maintenance.
  6. The applicable performance range is wide. The flow rate of the centrifugal pump can range from several to hundreds of thousands of cubic meters per hour, and the head can range from several meters to several thousand meters; the axial flow pump is generally suitable for large flow and low head (below 20 meters). The efficiency of centrifugal pumps and axial flow pumps is generally below 80%, and the highest can reach 90%.
  7. Suitable for conveying clean liquids with very low viscosity (such as clean water). Specially designed pumps can convey mud, sewage, etc. or water-transported solids. Power pumps are mainly used for water supply, drainage, irrigation, process liquid transportation, power station energy storage, hydraulic transmission and ship jet propulsion.

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