Yuanya Pump Industry Has Specialized In The R&D And Production Of Sanitary Pumps For 38 Years.

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Focusing on the production of sanitary pumps and valves for 38 years, regular products can be taken away directly after assembly in the warehouse according to customer needs, and can be picked up immediately. Wang Xiuzhen, chairman of Yuanya Pump Company, has improved corporate management level and production efficiency through continuous learning in recent years. She is leading the team to make the sanitary pump product categories more complete and strive to achieve the goal of ranking first in the domestic segment.

Yuanya Pump Co., Ltd. is located in Wenzhou Bay New District. It is one of the few manufacturers in China that produces high-precision fluid equipment. It focuses on the manufacturing of sanitary pump series products and is used in the production equipment of food and drug companies such as milk, beverages, beer, medicine, and chemicals. In addition, the company's sanitary products are manufactured in accordance with industrial standards such as ISO\IDF\DIN and 3A, and comply with GMP pharmacopoeia requirements. Wang Xiuzhen has always been well-known in the industry for her love of delving into technology. As a "veteran" who entered the industry in 1986, he has successively made technical improvements to centrifugal pumps and negative pressure pumps. A negative pressure pump developed many years ago can It can achieve operating results with only one-third of the electricity, which greatly promotes energy conservation and emission reduction. It is still regarded as a classic product.

Wang Xiuzhen said that the head of the company was too focused on R&D, which also led to a lack of energy in management. Therefore, during the development of the company, it once encountered bottlenecks such as product R&D results being plagiarized and management efficiency failing to keep up, and its performance always failed to improve. He is deeply aware that if the bottleneck is not broken, the company will face an existential crisis. In the past few years, he has improved his knowledge by studying abroad, investigating and visiting outstanding companies, and continues to apply it in practice in the company. Through continuous adjustments, we finally decided to cut off many profitable products such as ball valves and pipe fittings, continue to streamline varieties, and focus on sanitary pumps. Facts have proved that this decision is correct. At that time, the company was relocating to a new factory. He opened molds to produce all models of sanitary pumps on the market, and budgeted at least 500,000 yuan per year for the transition stage. As a result, the company's performance increased steadily every year, even during the epidemic. It has also grown during the period, and now the company's development goal is to provide one-stop purchase of sanitary pumps regardless of model.

Focusing on sanitary pump products, the company has gradually established a team of 6 senior engineers, 12 professional engineers, and 32 professional technicians. The team has extensive knowledge in various fields in the fluid treatment industry, from fluid pumping technology to fluid processes. Controls, pipe connections, and filtration processes can all use optimized solutions to transport liquids safely and effectively, ensuring that all flow-passing parts remain clean, safe and efficient.

Regarding the phenomenon of plagiarism in the industry, Wang Xiuzhen believes that with the improvement of awareness, all problems will be easily solved, and every imitating company will become a medal to inspire itself. Therefore, he leads the team to learn and share every day and form a development consensus. In the next step, Yuanya Pump Industry will pay more attention to the application of patents and other intellectual property rights, and on the other hand, it will focus more on the development speed of new products, especially in the economic downturn cycle. From the perspective of customers, it will develop products with higher cost performance and become the industry leader. Set a benchmark and distance yourself from copycats.

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