Product characteristics and use of centrifugal sanitary pump

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The centrifugal sanitary pump is mainly composed of a pump body, a pump seat, and a motor. Each part is connected by bolts. The support feet under the bottom plate can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is easy to install and does not require a fixed installation foundation. When installing the centrifugal pump , the outlet pipe can be installed in a vertical or horizontal direction according to different needs.
The negative pressure pump adopts sleek, rigid structure and thick wall design. In the selection of materials, the pump body, pump cover, impeller and other parts that are in contact with materials are all made of AISI316 or AISI304 stainless steel. The mechanical shaft seal is customized with high-quality stainless steel and silicon carbide. Greatly improve the wear resistance and moisturizing type, and extend the service life. When the centrifugal sanitary pump is made, the pump body and impeller are made of integral precision casting, and all parts are surface treated. The dimensional gap is ensured by special fixtures during installation. The shaft seal adopts an open structure, so even if there is a small amount of leakage at the shaft seal, it can be observed in time. Even if it is not noticed for a short time, it will not overflow to the motor. Thereby ensuring the service life of the motor.

Features of centrifugal sanitary pump:
A. Fine production, not easy to scale, especially suitable for CIP cleaning;
B. Simple structure, convenient disassembly, low voice, high efficiency, gentle and soft material handling, meeting food hygiene requirements and ensuring the product The original flavor.
Sanitary pump is a classification of pumps from the occasion of use of the pump, which specifically involves the transportation of all products that come into contact with the human body, such as pharmaceuticals, dairy products, beverages, food, cosmetics, food additives, fine chemicals, etc.

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