The concept and use of sanitary pump②

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Working principle and performance:

Sanitary pumps must pay attention to improving the reliability and life of electric pumps. Pay attention to the appearance quality of submersible electric pumps and gradually enter the international market.

Submersible electric pumps have obvious price competitive advantages in the international market. In particular, it is necessary to improve the appearance quality of centrifugal pumps , and to give users a sense of beauty, so that domestic negative pressure pumps can enter the international market as soon as possible.

Therefore, due to the submersible electric pump itself and the pump station that selects the submersible electric pump, there are many advantages. In the future, my country's demand will continue to grow, with the following main development trends.

Generally, the cost can be reduced by 40`%, and the construction period can be shortened 1/22/3

1. Development of large and medium-sized submersible electric pumps. Large and medium-sized submersible electric pumps have the outstanding advantages of simplifying pump structure and saving investment in pumping station construction. It will be more and more widely used in municipal administration, industry and mining, environmental protection, and industrial and agricultural water supply and drainage. It is expected that the demand will be greater in the future. For example, pumps with cutting devices, multi-stage pumps, and submersible electric pumps for pumping corrosive media are still very few.

2. Development of multi-functional and multi-purpose submersible electric pumps. Compared with the products of famous foreign submersible electric pump manufacturers, the form of my country's submersible electric pumps is not enough. However, its market demand is very large, so it has a very good future for development. Two single-end mechanical seals are used.

3. Development of high-reliability mechanical seals Mechanical seals are a key part of submersible electric pumps. In this way, the pressure of the medium can act on the end face, and the leakage direction is internal flow. These are all advantageous but the structure is slightly more complicated. The oil chamber is equipped with a double-end mechanical seal, and the end faces on both sides should adopt different structure types, so that the pressure of the medium can act on the end face on the lower side, otherwise only the spring force is used, and the reverse thrust of the seal end face will easily open the end face. Therefore, further research on the structure and materials should be carried out to improve its reliability and lifespan. All these information should be applied to the submersible electric pump as soon as possible.

4. New materials, new technologies, and new processes will be gradually applied. Ordinary pumps have used stainless steel, fluoroplastics (F46 lining plastic, rubber lining, sprayed ceramics, etc.). Expand the application fields of submersible pumps. And computer-aided design, auxiliary manufacturing and auxiliary testing, etc. The application of new technologies and new processes is also imperative. Facts have proved that the application of new technologies, new materials and new processes not only liberates labor productivity, sanitary pumps, but also ensures stable and reliable product quality.

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