The concept and use of sanitary pump①

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Sanitary pump concept: Sanitary pump is a classification of pumps based on the use occasion of the pump, which specifically involves the transportation of all products in contact with the human body, such as pharmaceuticals, dairy products, beverages, food, cosmetics, food additives, fine chemicals, etc. 

From the perspective of the pump material, the sanitary pump must be 316L stainless steel; there is no sanitary dead corner in the pump cavity, which can be cleaned online by CIP; the sealing material is food-grade materials, such as nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, Teflon, etc.;

From the perspective of pump types, centrifugal pumps , rotor pumps, self-priming pumps, shear pumps, screw pumps, negative pressure pumps, etc., as long as they meet the above requirements, can be called sanitary pumps. The impeller of the centrifugal pump must be an open impeller to be a sanitary pump in the true sense.

From the perspective of industry standards, sanitary pumps must obtain 3A in the United States and EHEDG certification in Europe, and the materials must meet FDA standards.

This series of pumps are single-suction, single-stage, centrifugal sanitary pumps, suitable for conveying various liquids such as milk and wine, and are indispensable conveying equipment in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The highest temperature used for single machine seal is about 120 degrees, and the highest temperature used for double machine seals is 150 degrees. Among them, high-lift pumps are particularly suitable for tube sterilization, yogurt temperature holding equipment, CIP cleaning and other systems with high resistance.

Sanitary pumps are also known as centrifugal beverage pumps, milk pumps, and stainless steel beverage pumps. They are suitable for conveying milk and other colloidal liquid foods. The maximum temperature of the suction material is 70-80 ℃. This pump is a single suction and fully enclosed type. Centrifugal pump.

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