Reasons for the low speed of the horizontal slurry pump

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The horizontal slurry pump has become the most widely used impurity pump because of its simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, and high efficiency. However, it is also annoying because of the lack of slurry. There are many reasons why the horizontal slurry pump can not lift the slurry, one of which is that the rotation speed of the sanitary pump is too low.

The reasons for the low speed of the sanitary centrifugal pump of the horizontal slurry pump include:

(1) Human factors. A considerable number of users arbitrarily equipped with another motor to drive due to the damage of the original motor. As a result, the flow rate is low, the head is low, or even the water cannot be pumped.

(2) The transmission belt is worn. Many large sanitary negative pressure pumps use belt transmission. Due to long-term use, the transmission belt is worn and loosened and slipping occurs, thereby reducing the rotational speed of the sanitary rotor pump .

(3) Improper installation. The center distance between the two pulleys is too small or the two shafts are not parallel, the tight side of the transmission belt is installed on the top, resulting in too small wrap angle, the calculation of the diameter of the two pulleys, and the large eccentricity of the two shafts of the pump with coupling transmission, etc., will cause Changes in the speed of the water pump.

(4) Mechanical failure of the pump itself. The impeller and the pump shaft fastening nut loose or the pump shaft is deformed and bent, causing the impeller to move too much, directly rubbing against the pump body, or bearing damage, which may reduce the speed of the pump.

(5) Repair of power machine is not recorded. The motor loses its magnetism due to the burning of the windings. Changes in the number of winding turns, wire diameters, and wiring methods during maintenance, or failure to completely eliminate factors during maintenance will also change the speed of the water pump.

If the pump speed of the horizontal slurry pump is too low, the slurry will not be lifted up, which will affect the entire work process and reduce work efficiency. Keep in mind the reason why the pump speed of the horizontal slurry pump is too low, avoid unnecessary troubles, pay attention to maintenance, and ensure work efficiency.

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