What are the advantages of stainless steel vertical pipeline centrifugal pumps

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Many friends are not unfamiliar with stainless steel vertical pipeline sanitary pumps. They are mainly divided into two structures: in medium and small pumps with a pump diameter less than or equal to 0.1m, the shaft and the motor rotor are coaxial, and the whole machine consists of a pump body and a cover frame. , Impeller, sealing ring, mechanical seal and vent valve, etc. The mechanical seal is a single-end unbalanced type; in larger sanitary centrifugal pumps with a pump diameter greater than 0.1m , the pump body, cover frame, impeller, sealing ring, and mechanical It is composed of main parts such as seal, connecting shaft, bearing, bearing cap and air release valve. The motor shaft is directly sleeved in the connecting shaft hole, and the connecting shaft is driven by the key. Regardless of the size of the pump, the upper-opening structure is adopted, that is, as long as the nut on the cover frame is unscrewed, all the parts except the pump body can be taken out; the advantage of the stainless steel vertical pipeline sanitary rotor pump is that it does not need to disassemble the pump body and pipeline The rotor part can be taken out for maintenance.

Measures to reduce energy loss of stainless steel vertical pipeline sanitary negative pressure pump :

1. When overhauling and assembling, special attention should be paid to various fitting clearances, too large will cause leakage, and too small will cause friction. Therefore, when assembling each component, the process technology requirements and standards must be strictly followed.

2. Increase the speed of the pump and reduce the diameter of the impeller. Because the larger the diameter of the impeller, the greater the friction loss of the disc. According to expert tests, it is proved that the friction loss of the disc is proportional to the third power of the rotational speed and proportional to the fifth power of the outer diameter of the impeller. Therefore, under the premise of the same head, increasing the speed of the pump, the diameter of the impeller can be reduced correspondingly, and the friction loss of the disc can be reduced by the fifth power.

3. Properly control the width of both sides of the pump cavity, and at the same time control the width between the outlet side of the impeller and the pump cavity to the extrusion chamber, to provide a smooth passage for the flowing liquid and reduce hydraulic loss.

4. The shaft seal adopts mechanical seal.

5. Improve the surface roughness of the cover plate on both sides of the impeller, the pump body, the impeller flow channel, and the guide vane flow channel, that is, make the flow surface smoother.

6. Change the shape of the seal ring: The seal ring is made into a labyrinth and sawtooth shape, which can reduce leakage and volume loss. In response to the increasing requirements of the manufacturing process of the sealing ring, the style should be advanced, the material should be good, and the wear resistance should be better.

Stainless steel vertical pipeline centrifugal pump application range:

*HVAC hot and cold water circulation

*Industrial city water supply

*Pressurized water supply for high-rise buildings

*Equipment supporting / boiler feed water

*Agricultural irrigation water and other fields

The stainless steel vertical pipeline centrifugal pump adopts the performance parameters of the IS type centrifugal pump, and is designed by ingenious combination on the basis of the general vertical pump. At the same time, based on the ISG type, suitable hot water, high temperature, corrosive chemical pumps and oil pumps are dispatched according to the use temperature and medium. Stainless steel vertical pipeline centrifugal pump has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise and reliable performance. It has the characteristics of internal high temperature, anti-corrosion, etc. The new blade impeller is added to the pump body, which has the function of crushing slag and debris. It is a new generation of sewage treatment and chemical environmental protection.

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